Launching THE kid's book of 2021 soon!

We will be launching an amazing growth mindset and emotional intelligence book for kids on Kickstarter in January 2021. Our book features 30 thought-provoking chapters, 60 engaging and empowering activities, 30 diverse characters, and so much more. Build essential skills while deepening the parent-child connection.

These are just what we needed right now. A new evening tradition...We sit in a family circle. Each of us takes a turn feeling the deck out and choosing a card. Then we take turns reading the "I am" affirmation then we pause while the family affirms "yes you are" then we continue to read the rest. Thank you <3

Jessica M.

When you have 2 toddlers things can get pretty hectic. And E. can throw a tantrum like none other. It's difficult sometimes trying to figure out how to calm her down when she gets upset. But recently we were lucky enough to get to try these meditation cards from Kids Create the Change and I can't say enough good things about them. Now at first I thought to myself--I'm not sure these will help. But I am so thankful we got them. As soon as E. sees me get them out she will come sit with me and do them. Loving that there are so many different fun ones to try, and loving that I found something that actually helps with a full blown toddler meltdown.

Melissa A.

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