18 Free Mindfulness Kids Printables

Free Kids Mindfulness Printables


Mindfulness means to focus on the present moment- the here and now. After all, it's the only moment that we really have, right? With this awareness we become accepting of our thoughts and feelings instead of judging them, as we naturally tend to do. We also become more conscious of what's happening both inside of us and in our surrounding environment by practicing mindfulness.  The simple yet empowering practice allows us to live more fulfilling and intentional lives one breath and/or conscious moment at a time.

Mindfulness isn't just a practice that adults should implement.  There are many benefits for mindful kids.  Here are some amazing benefits of mindfulness for children:

  • Stress Reduction
  • Improved Concentration and Focus
  • Increased Empathy and Compassion
  • Deeper Self-Awareness
  • An Overall Sense of Well-Being
  • A Positive Mood and Happier Life
  • A Deeper Connection to Others and to Nature
  • Decreased Anxiety and Depression
  • Improved Sleep Function
  • Gratitude
  • More Benefits

With practice, kids mindfulness can benefit every child no matter their age, region, and the problems they face. It's like a medicine for our lives that we already have, but we need to just learn to tap into it. Bringing mindfulness into your home doesn't just benefit your child, but the entire atmosphere of your home. Mindful children and mindful parents can work cohesively together to create a home of compassion, connection, joy, gratitude and peace. We can eliminate anything that doesn't serve ourselves and families such as stress, tension, negativity, and dysregulation through this mindfulness meditation practice.

Kids Mindfulness

How can you start a mindfulness practice with your children? Simply engage your five senses to bring you deeper into the present moment. Give your full concentration to what you see, hear, smell, touch and taste.  Any activity can be used for a kid's mindfulness practice- from eating dinner to doing a chore.  Can you imagine a child actually enjoying the chores they do?  For example, you can guide your child to chew slower to notice the texture of the food and savor the taste.  You can encourage them to take a few deep breaths in between bites to better digest what they are eating.  While they are washing dishes, you can bring their focus to the temperature and flow of the water while they observe, feel and smell the sudsy soap. There can be a much greater level of joy in our typically mundane moments by turning them into mindful kids activities.  A zoned out everyday moment can become an enjoyable moment of awareness and connection.  That connection is to themselves, people, and the surrounding atmosphere. 

Mindful Kids Eating

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 Kids Mindfulness Printables




 Kids Mindfuless Activities

The 18 freebie pack includes the following printables: 3 on self-love, 3 on a positive mindset, 3 on mindfulness, 3 on kindness, 3 on gratitude, and 3 on deep breathing.  As your child works on each activity, they will practice being mindful. The activities guide them to be more aware of who they are, transform negativity, be immersed in the moment, deliver kindness to others, practice gratitude and feel centered by the power of their breath.  Pretty great stuff, right?

Our mission is to bring self-love, mindfulness, and meditation to kids all over the globe while feeding impoverished kids the most important meal of the day.