Kids Affirmation Cards

Kid's Affirmation Cards by The Prana Tribe


There's a famous statement written by Henry Ford that says, "Whether you think you can or can't, you're right."  If we think it, can we really become it?  Take a moment to think about that statement. If you think you can be something, or you think you can do something does it make a difference than if you think you can't? 

A child's mind has the ability to encourage them to have unlimited potential or to be limited beyond belief.  Affirmations and affirmation cards are used to program the unconscious mind, encourage positive beliefs about ourselves, shape how we feel in the world, and help us to create the reality we desire.  What we believe about ourselves has a large impact on how the scenes of our lives unfold. Take for instance the child who dreams of being an astronaut and doesn't let limiting beliefs stand in the way.  Perhaps they live their lives knowing they will be an astronaut no matter what it takes.  Their road to becoming an astronaut isn't an easy one but their dedication is unwavering. "I will be an astronaut," they say- no matter the challenge. Then, take for instance their friend.  They dream of being a doctor but they are full of doubt.  They aren't sure they have enough smarts when it comes to science and they buckle easily under stress.  They want to be a doctor but doubt they are cut out for it. "I just wish I was smart enough to live my dream," they say.  Do you think how each of these children feel about themselves will shape how their lives unfold?

Kids Affirmation Cards by The Prana Tribe

Feeling good about ourselves provides a positive mindset.  It's with this positive mindset that our lives seem to flow smoothly.  Notice how I said smoothly and not perfectly.  Sure, we still face challenges, but we aren't defeated by them. We actually have the ability to find strength and resilience through the toughest of times. We persevere because we realize that to grow through it we have to first go through it. On the other side, feeling bad about ourselves creates a negative mindset.  It's with this negative mindset that our lives seem to hit rough patch after rough patch without a break in sight.  We even become a creator of these challenges through self-defeating conduct. 

Kids Affirmation Cards by The Prana Tribe

What's in an Affirmation?

Put simply, affirmations are statements that are designed to create positive change in the person using them. An affirmation is an inspiring reminder to focus on the positive.  Affirmations start with two important words.  These two words are the most important words you will ever say to yourself about yourself. They are the words "I am."  These two words are incredibly powerful motivators.  An affirmation can also start with a simple "I" statement.  Affirmations are stated in a positive manner, rather than a negative one.  Instead of saying, "I am not going to worry about how I did on that test," a child may say, "I am proud of myself for my efforts because I did my best on the test" or "I love how I feel when I give something my all."  

How are Affirmations Used?

At the very minimum, children should use affirmations daily to ensure effectiveness. Our minds need the consistency to be effective.  We like to start with an affirmation in the morning and in the evening, though there are many other great times to build the self-esteem.  Leaving an affirmation card posted on the bathroom mirror serves as a great reminder when brushing teeth, getting out of the shower, or styling hair.  Reciting an affirmation at lunch is a healthy way to nourish the mind as a child nourishes their body.  Leaving an affirmation in their desk can be just what a child needs before presenting a report to the class.  

Children's Affirmation Cards

There's an important element to our children's affirmation cards and that is they rhyme.  Why?  You know how your favorite song gets stuck in your head and you hear it over and over again without the radio even playing?  That's exactly what our affirmation cards do for children.  Like a song lyric, rhymes can be recalled easily because they stick in a child's mind. Rhymes can be one of the easiest ways to build memory. And, each time a child recites the affirmations and rhymes from our cards, a they add to their self-esteem bucket. Try saying this affirmation five times slowly: "I Am Loving.  I am loving with my words and actions too.  Love is who I am and it's what I do." 

 6 Free Printables

Kids Affirmation Cards by The Prana Tribe


Kids Affirmation Cards by The Prana Tribe


Be sure to sign up for your 6 FREE Kids Affirmation Printables. These printables were thoughtfully created to display in a kid's room or playroom to add color and intention.  Add 34 positive and uplifting affirmations to your child's self-esteem! Once signed up you will immediately receive access to your affirmation printables. You will also be on our list to receive free future printables to add to your collection, helpful tips and special offers.

Kids Affirmations by The Prana Tribe

Kids Affirmations by The Prana Tribe

The 6 freebie pack includes 6- 8"x10" printables that can be framed or unframed and easily displayed for your child.  They add bold, positive and uplifting statements to any room. Pretty great stuff, right?

Our mission is to bring self-love, mindfulness, and meditation to kids all over the globe while feeding impoverished kids the most important meal of the day.