The RAIN Method of Mindfulness

Mindfulness Made Easy

Mindfulness is more than just being in a moment with the mind and body synced.  Mindfulness has the power to bring calmness, peace and understanding to a challenging situation.

We want to help you and your child on your journey of mindfulness because mindfulness is a practice.  And, with practice, it can become a skill.


When your child is feeling overwhelmed, stressed or anxious, you can help them to find the rainbow with the R.A.I.N. Method of Mindfulness.  

Step 1: Recognize.  Help your child recognize what's going on.  Discuss the situation together to get to the root cause.  Sometimes what we believe is the root cause isn't actually the root cause.  The root cause can be hidden underneath and require some digging.

Step 2: Allow.  Allow the experience to be as it is.  Help your child accept the experience without trying to change it. Part of mindfulness is surrendering to a situation and allowing it to unfold without trying to morph it into what we want it to be.

Step 3: Investigate. Investigate the situation with kindness.  Help your child look deeper into the situation with loving eyes.  We have to put on our lens of love to see the situation from other angles.  Sometimes this is from the angle of someone we are in a disagreement with.  

Step 4: Natural Awareness.  Help your child not identify with the situation.  This is showing them that their current state is different than their character trait.  They can feel disappointed without labeling themselves as a disappointment.  

Free Printables

Every Sunday we email out at least one free printable that can be used with a child.  Each printable is fun and effective and helps develop a skill such as mindfulness, gratitude, empathy, character development and growth.  

The past two weeks have been devoted to The R.A.I.N. Method of Mindfulness.  The printable on the left is great to tape to the fridge, put in a frame or just keep in a handy place for easy reference.  The printable on the right allows the thoughts to be placed into words.  It can be printed again and again to continue to develop this mindfulness method of skill.  

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