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 Oh, Hello There

Hi, I'm Brianna Mobilian, and I am the founder of Kids Create the Change, and an author and creator.  Above that, I'm a mom of two little ones that inspire me in ways I never imagined.  A few years after my son was born I became a yoga and meditation teacher, and mindfulness practitioner.  I knew I wanted to teach children, but I decided to go a different route and teach meditation and mindfulness instead of yoga.  I started applying concepts I learned through classes, books and resources to teach my small son, and Kids Create the Change was born (well, really it was called The Prana Tribe at the time). I wanted to teach more kids than I could reach, so I created children's meditation and affirmation cards.  

I wholeheartedly believe that self-love, inner peace and mindfulness are fundamentals of emotional well-being and can assist in providing children with abundant lives.  Our products help to nourish the soul of a family while providing skills that last a lifetime.  These are powerful tools that I wish I had as a kid, and I am beyond happy to share with the next generation.  Our future is being raised right now, and we can help shape the world by providing our children with the tools they need to help them emotionally. 

Thank you for being here.