Kids Create the Change Book: An Amazing Growth Mindset Book for Kids

growth mindset book for kids


We are introducing what is bound to be your favorite growth mindset book for kids.  

There are many fantastic books about growth mindset for children on the market.  Ours is different because it delves deeper.  Kids Create the Change helps children to not only foster a growth mindset but also emotional intelligence skills.  

As parents, we want to instill lasting values and social-emotional skills into our children, but we often don’t know how to get started.  How do we foster the five components of emotional intelligence: self-awareness, self-regulation, internal motivation, empathy, and social skills into our children?

Raising an emotionally intelligent child is about to become a whole lot easier.  Kids Create the Change is a 90-day journey for kids to be the change and the best version of themselves (while deepening the parent-child connection with you). 

The Journey of a Lifetime

the best growth mindset book for kids


A once-in-a-lifetime journey is awaiting you! Kids Create the Change is "the book that needed to be written for children." It's an incredible journey of self-exploration that your child will share with you, their trusted Travel Partner. Strap on those seat belts...just kidding. Sink into a comfy cushion on the couch and take the journey inward, and then bring what you learn outward and become positive forces of change in the world. Through this empowering, inspiring, and transformational adventure, you will strengthen your parent-child relationship as you both explore the depths of yourselves, read and reflect on mind-opening concepts, and try new activities that inspire positive change. You can expect to deeply connect with one another, share truly meaningful and priceless conversations, and journey to undiscovered places within yourselves. Any great trip ends with a souvenir, right? Well, this one is no different and offers a meaningful souvenir that you will always have within yourselves no matter where life takes you.

Kids Create the Change is an in-depth 360 pages of premium paper and is paperback for versatility and durability. It's designed to be a sentimental keepsake to treasure long after the adventure is over.

What's inside of our amazing growth mindset book for kids?

  • A Travel Partner note to you to deepen your journey

  • 30 thought-provoking and captivating chapters

  • 60 chapter reflection journal pages to promote higher thinking

  • A cast of 30 beautifully illustrated and diverse characters 

  • 30 empowering activities for bringing out the best version of your child

  • 30 engaging activities for inspiring real and positive change

  • A priceless 90-day journey of self-discovery, skill-building, and bonding

30 Thought-Provoking Chapters

best growth mindset book for kids


How is it possible to be rich without having a lot of money? Could we already have an unbelievable tool within ourselves to help us reflect on our experiences? Is it really possible to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts? What does it mean to have an inner compass, and how can we use it to guide us? Could we truly be enough despite our shortcomings and weaknesses?

Some of life’s big questions are addressed in Kids Create the Change in a relatable way that children can understand.  Written in an affirming and non-judging tone, our growth mindset book brings your child to the heart of important matters that can enrich their minds with wisdom far beyond their years.  Each chapter has been designed to help your child develop higher integrity, increase self-esteem, and heighten emotional intelligence.  Essential values become rooted in our readers as they are provided with a secure foundation that allows them to thrive with resilience and strength. 

60 Empowering and Engaging Activities

best growth mindset book for kids

How can a bowl of water and rocks inspire kids to be more intentional with their words and actions?  Can a tube of toothpaste really empower children not to gossip?  What can an apple and a fork teach about imperfections?  Is there a lesson on self-control in a stick of gum?  Could a paper cloud and mirror actually motivate kids to be more mindful?

Our engaging activities are all about teaching inspiring messages in a way that your child is actively involved throughout the process. Kids Create the Change includes 60 activities that coincide with each of the rich chapters. 

30 of the activities help your child to become the best version of themselves. This means they can better recognize restricting beliefs and release them, raise the bar to live with more integrity, replace insecurities with confidence, and free themselves to live authentically. 30 more activities inspire your child to create real and positive change in the world. Children will be empowered to become more selfless, open their minds to differing concepts, develop deeper empathy, and enrich their emotional intelligence.

30 Diverse and Beautifully Illustrated Characters

best growth mindset book for kids

Does looking different than someone else actually mean we are different from them? Is one person in the world more important than another? If you don't see the beauty in someone else, does it mean it's not there? How is being different special and beautiful? Can we accept ourselves and others for how we look and who we are at this very moment?

When we have a sense of sight, we aren't blinded to seeing differences in ourselves and others. Our sense of sight allows us to observe both similarities and differences.  With intention, we are able to positively shape our children's perceptions to be more inclusive and accepting.  We’ve cast a diverse set of characters in terms of cultures, abilities, and disabilities.  Kids Create the Change offers your child a safe space with you to share in conversations and questions as they are exposed to a wide variety of illustrations of kids that may or may not look like them. Your child's mind and heart will be opened through the process of exploring the illustrations and being briefly introduced to each character. Trust me, you are both going to fall in love with these illustrations. 

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Book Launch Information

Kids Create the Change is estimated to launch in January 2021 on Kickstarter.  We would love to help your family start a resolution and habit that sticks far into the future.  Why Kickstarter? Kickstarter is a platform where innovative ideas are brought to life through the support of others.  It’s a tried and tested site that benefits both backers (those supporting an idea by making a purchase) and the project creator (us). 

We will be providing early bird deals, such as free shipping, as well as exciting exclusives.