Kids Create the Change Press Release- March 5, 2021

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Brianna Mobilian


Kids Create the Change Encourages Children to Foster Deeper Acceptance

New Children's Book Featuring Characters with Disabilities Recently Launched

WEST PALM BEACH, FL, March 5, 2021 – The children's publishing world is behind the times, and author, Brianna Mobilian, is on a mission to change this.  Data shows that in 2019 only 3.4% of published children’s books featured a character with a disability, while over 29% of published children’s books featured animal characters.  Mobilian asks, “How can we cultivate a deeper sense of acceptance for others if we aren’t introducing our children to more of the beautiful people we share our world with?”

To help children develop a truer acceptance for themselves and others, Mobilian has written an important book for kids.  Kids Create the Change offers an introduction to 30 beautifully illustrated characters that allow children to share the notion that each person brings beauty and uniqueness to the world.  “One of the book’s quotes I want to resonate with children is, ‘If you look at someone else and don’t see their beauty, look deeper because it’s there.’  It’s really not a matter of who we see, it’s a matter of how we see.  As parents, we have the ability to help our children develop a more accepting lens” notes Mobilian.

“I want parents to know that children are natural observers. When kids have a sense of sight, they notice both differences and similarities.  And, being that kids are naturally curious beings, they want to know more about how they and others fit into the world. We can offer a safe space at home for kids to learn about others and ask questions.  In this safe space, we, as parents, can reiterate that we are all beautiful and equal as humans” says Mobilian.

“Our differences offer us a special opportunity.  That opportunity is to realize that though our differences are part of who we are, they aren’t all that we are.  Differences offer a great chance to learn more about someone, find common ground, and search for shared interests.”

Kids Create the Change provides a 90-day journey of self-discovery, reflection, and inspiration for children and their parents.  Each day brings a new adventure over the course of its 30 skill-building chapters.  Adventures come in the form of character introductions, thought-provoking messages, or empowering activities that offer a hands-on learning experience.  At just 15-30 minutes each day, the book is designed to fit into the busiest schedules and offers a stronger connection between a parent and child. 

Kids Create the Change recently launched on Kickstarter.  To learn more about the book, or grab a copy, please visit

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